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We support your family's bodies and minds

We want everyone to live a healthy, happy life from the day they come into the world. To achieve our dream, we offer products and services for all generations using technologies we have developed in the areas of non-woven fabrics and absorbent materials.

Currently, we aspire to bolster customer satisfaction through the development of high quality products and marketing activities across five business segments: baby and child care, feminine care, health care, clean & fresh, and pet care.

Our Product Philosophies

Baby and Child Care

Improving the child-rearing experience

Diapers are used from the day a baby is born. However, a baby’s skin is very delicate. With the aim of helping mothers and babies to enjoy the early years in comfort, Unicharm treats diapers as baby underwear rather than a piece of equipment, and offers products such as disposable diapers and wipes that will appeal to mothers and babies alike.

Adult Healthcare

Pursuing quality of life

The aging population is expected to continue increasing as baby boomers become seniors. In this environment, Unicharm offers the Lifree brand of products that are tailored to the user's physical condition with the aim of providing the elderly with independence, dignity and freedom in their incontinence care, an important aspect of their daily lives.

Feminine Care

Scientifically study women’s comfort and creating freedom

Given the increasing trend for women to have prosperous work and private lives, Unicharm scientifically studies mechanisms of women's bodies and minds and offers a wide range of feminine care products including feminine napkins, tampons, sanitary shorts and panty liners.

We do this in the hope that our products will free women from the physical and psychological constraints associated with menstruation, vaginal discharge and slight incontinence, thereby helping them to enjoy a comfortable life without the usual restrictions.

Pet Care

Providing pets with a healthy, clean and comfortable life

In Singapore, the number of pets such as dogs and cats has increased amid a falling birthrate and an aging population, and they have become invaluable companions and members of the family. Unicharm provides pet care products such as pet foods, excrement cleanup sheets, system toilets and disposable diapers.

Clean & Fresh

Creating a comfortable environment for people, products and places

Unicharm provides products to make daily life more comfortable through utilizing its nonwoven fabric and absorbent material techniques. Based on the concept of "comfort, convenience and hygiene," we offer home care, personal care and kitchen care products.


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