• What are we all about?
    The Unicharm Flagship e-Store is all about serving upcoming parent, parent, friend of parents, respectful senior, pet owner, interested individual, or anyone who simply chanced upon our e-Store, in a convenient and value for money setting. In Singapore, one of the most hassling ordeals is going to the supermarket or baby fair to purchase diapers or sensitive products for personal needs. Also, a vast majority of us take public transport, and we often find ourselves searching online for good deals, just to save ourselves the trouble of lugging diapers home as an example.
  • What sets us apart?
    The Unicharm Flagship e-Store is an official one-stop-shop created to sell the full ranges of trusted Unicharm products. The credit plan provides the necessary hassle-free flexibility for our customers to choose the best products from our full product range without having to either run to the supermarket every other week or waste hours searching online stores for the best price. For example, no more waiting for baby fairs once every few months and no more constraining yourself to a bulk purchase in order to enjoy savings.
  • What services do we offer?
    Other than the regular e-commerce setting, the Unicharm Flagship e-Store also offers multiple credit plans, all of which provide excellent upfront savings on popular Unicharm brands of your choice. We have Buy-More-Pay-Less packages like $100 for $110 credit, $200 for $230 credit and $300 for $370 credit.
  • How does the Unicharm credit plan work?

    1. Set up your account
    2. Purchase the plan that you desire. $100 for $110 credit = 9% upfront discount, $200 for $230 credit = 13% upfront discount, $300 for $370 credit = 19% upfront discount
    3. Add any of our products into the shopping cart
    4. Select the number of credits to offset your purchase amount during check out
    5. Checkout and enjoy immediate saving
    6. Sit back and wait for your purchase to be delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 working days of placing your order.
  • How to top-up the credits in my account?
    No problem at all! Simply add the new credit plan into your cart and checkout. Our system will top-up the newly purchased credits into your account automatically for immediate usage.
  • What are the advantages of choosing a credit plan over individual purchases?
    Our aim is to make your shopping for trusted Unicharm products hassle free and memorable as much as possible (for example, avoid disappointment from the out-of-stock situation). Most importantly, the credit plan offers a higher saving over individual purchases. Enjoy upfront saving when you purchase more credits. Up to 26% instant saving (19% credit discount + 7% store discount)
  • What brands do we carry?
    Mamypoko, Moony, Lifree, Sofy, Silcot and Pet Care diapers. We will continue to add our new products to give you an even better shopping experience.
  • Will you be charged for delivery?
    Delivery charges apply for all purchases less than $60. Free delivery is applicable for purchases above $60.
  • Can you make an exchange or return?
    Cancellations are only applicable if the wrong product is sent differently from the order purchased or out of stock event. We will provide a refund based on the purchase price paid, back to the credit card or Paypal account used, or the credit used back to your website account. Refunds do not apply to items already shipped and received by you. Exchanges are only available in the event that wrong product is sent differently from an order purchased. All exchange products must be returned unopened. Standard delivery charges of $10 per trip will apply.
  • What if an item you ordered is out of stock?
    In the event the item(s) you have purchased is out of stock, we will offer you either of the following options:

    (a) We will provide you with an alternative product of equivalent value until the stock for the brand you purchased is made available, or

    (b) We will issue a full refund of the price paid if the item(s) you have ordered is out of stock and we are unable to restock it.
  • How do I contact you?
    You can either;
    (1) Whatapp our customer service representative via the on-screen Whatsapp icon, or

    (2) Email us at hello@unicharm-sg.store

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Dear Customers, thank you for trusting Unicharm Flagship e-Store with your diaper needs. Please bear with us and accept our sincere apologies if there’re any delays. We are committed to doing our best to fulfill your deliveries. Please stay safe and take care!