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  • Store Credit

    Enjoy instant savings of up to 30% when you purchase credits.

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  • Cash Rebates

    Get instant cash rebates of up to 10% debited into your store credit account with every purchase.

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  • Return Vouchers

    Receive $20 return vouchers on all carton purchases made.

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How Credit System Works

  • 1

    Purchase your desired credit plan

    Price Store Credits
    $100 $110 store credits
    $200 $230 store credits
    $300 $370 store credits OR $300 + 1 free carton diaper

  • 2

    Add products into your cart

    Applicable to all products within this site.

  • 3

    Select credits to offset

    Select credits to offset from the pop-up window that appears upon checkout.

  • 4

    Checkout, sit back and wait for your delivery to arrive

How cash rebates works

  • 1

    Select and add products to your cart

    Applicable to all products within this site except store credit purchases.

  • 2

    Checkout and make payment

    Select store credit or return voucher to offset your purchase amount.

  • 3

    Receive cash back directly into your store credit account

    Minimum Purchase Rebate
    $10 2% rebate
    $20 5% rebate
    $45 7% rebate
    $80 10% rebate
    $175 12% rebate

How to use return vouchers

  • Receive a return voucher upon your carton order delivery

    Terms & conditions applies.

  • On your next purchase, simply input the unique discount code on the return voucher during checkout

    Return vouchers cannot be used together with store credit.

  • Checkout, sit back and wait for your delivery to arrive

Pokochan Point Program

Collect Points & Be Rewarded!

With the program, you can collect points and turn them into rewards for you and your little ones when you purchase Mamypoko baby diapers.

How Pokochan Point Program Works
  • 1. Become a member

    Download "Poko Chan Point Program" from the App Store/ Google Play Store.

  • 2. Register and collect your points

    The unique code can be found inside the packaging of Mamypoko baby diapers.

  • 3. Select and redeem rewards

    Click on "Redeem Rewards" from your "My Page".

  • 4. Confirm details to complete redemption

    Rewards will be delivered to you at the address given in the App within 30 days.

  • 5. Checkout, sit back and wait for your delivery to arrive

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is store credit?
    Store credit is cash balance you can use in Unicharm Flagship e-Store.
  • What is cash rebate?
    Cash rebate, in the form of store credit is given to your store account for your future purchases.
  • What is a return voucher?
    A return voucher is a discount voucher to offset the value of your next purchase. Terms and condition applies.
  • What is Pokochan Point Program?
    Pokochan Point Program is a phone app program for you to collect points from your baby diapers purchases. You can use the points to redeem rewards for you and your little ones.
  • Is there any expiry date for the store credit?
    Yes. The validity of your credits is 18 months from the day of online purchase or activation for physical gift card.
  • How do I check the amount of credit left in my account and its expiry date?
    Your available credit and expiry date are shown in the Pokochan widget on the bottom right hand corner of our web page. You need to login into your account to see the details.
  • How does the credit system help me to save more?
    The saving comes from the extra credits awarded per purchase. The more credits you purchased, the more extra credits you will get to offset your future purchases. This mean upfront saving instantly. You do not have to hunt or wait for deals anymore. This also mean you can save time to spend with your love ones.
  • What will be my credit expiry date after I purchased a new set of store credit?
    The expiry date will be 18 months from the latest purchase date. All your available credits (old or new) will have the same expiry date.
  • Can I use both the store credit and return voucher together?
    No. Only one can be used per purchase.
  • How do I choose to use either store credit or return voucher?
    Upon check-out, a pop-up window will appear for you to choose if you would like to use your store credit and amount to offset your purchase. If you input a value, then it will considered a credit option by default in the system.
  • How do I use the return voucher?
    You can manually input the return voucher's discount code to overwrite the existing code (from store credit) in the promo code box during check out. The balance amount for your purchase will have to be paid using credit card or Paypal.
  • Where and how do I get the return voucher?
    The return voucher is given to any carton purchase. It is inserted inside your purchased carton.
  • How many return voucher am I entitled per purchase?
    One return voucher worth $20 will be given per order. The order must comprise of at least one carton purchase.
  • Will I get cash rebate if I buy store credit?
    No. But your future purchases using store credit are entitled to the cash rebate.
  • How much cash rebate will I received for every puchase?
    Your cash rebate is awarded based on the percentage of your total purchase.
    Minimum Purchase Rebate
    $10 2% rebate
    $20 5% rebate
    $45 7% rebate
    $80 10% rebate
    $175 12% rebate
  • How is the cash rebate calculated?
    The cash rebate is calculated based of the final value of your purchase, that is the net price after any applicable discount code.

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